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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
11953 & 1959 James Naismith Springfield College Memorial & HOF Election Induction Plaques$4,500.00
2Basketball Hall of Fame Coaches Induction Plaques & Medallions - Iba, Nikolic, Thompson, Gardner (Medallion Only) & Hannum (9)$2,200.00
3John Havlicek Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Plaque & Medallion (2)$2,600.00
4Dave Bing Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Plaque & Medallion (2)$1,100.00
5Tom Heinsohn Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Plaque & Medallion (2)$1,100.00
6Isiah Thomas Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Plaque & Medallion (2)$550.00
71946 Syracuse Nationals Inaugural Program & Framed 1954-1955 Team Photo (2)$650.00
8Philadelphia Convention Hall Original Ringside Triple Seat Bench$275.00
9Larry Bird High School Gym Floor w/ Bird Signed Inscription Plaque (JSA)$1,000.00
1012/5/1986 Pete Maravich Personal Twice Signed Check (Graded MINT 9) (JSA)$465.00
11Boston Garden Basket Base Protective Padding (2)$0.00
12Boston Garden Triple Seat Signed by Boston Celtics Legends (JSA)$5,000.00
13Boston Garden Retired "1" Banner of Celtics Owner Walter Brown (Photo Match)$4,200.00
14Boston Garden Auto'd Scorers Table Foul Banner$300.00
15Boston Celtic World Championship Blanket $250.00
16Framed 1956-1957 Boston Celtics Autographed Team Photo (JSA)$550.00
171956-1957 Boston Celtics Team Autographed Program (JSA)$325.00
181992 Larry Bird Autographed FIBA Dream Team Pass (JSA)$1,770.00
19Dr. Julius Erving 3-D Painting$0.00
20Marques Haynes Personal Photos, Globetrotter Tickets, Business Cards, Etc.$866.00
211998 Larry Bird & Son Autographed Hall of Fame Limited Edition No. 001 Basketball (JSA)$555.00
23Lot of Four Chamberlain/Havlicek Auto'd Living Legends Lithos (4) (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$880.00
241970-1973 Three Autographed Pieces of MSG Basketball Floor - Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe and Red Holzman (JSA) (3)$513.00
251973 NY Knicks Signed Framed Lithograph (JSA)$150.00
26Collection of 6 George Mikan Single-Signed Basketballs (6) (JSA)$750.00
271961-1962 Fleer Basketball Card Complete Set$1,500.00
281969 UCLA Team Auto'd Game-Used Basketball (NCAA Champs) (JSA)$5,000.00
291992 Olympic Dream Team Autographed Basketball (JSA)$1,300.00
30Chicago Bulls Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy$13,000.00
311991 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Championship Ring (Salesman's Sample)$3,200.00
32Bob Cousy Boston Celtics Autographed Award & Boston Garden Basketball Net (JSA)$400.00
331990 Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons Championship Ring (Salesman's Sample)$2,750.00
341976 Raiders Super Bowl XI Championship Ring$14,267.00
351995 Calvin Murphy Houston Rockets Championship Ring$3,200.00
361952 David Johnson's Fort Wayne Pistons Game-Used Jersey & Shorts (2) (Rare & Desirable)$5,590.00
37Late 1950's Detroit Pistons Worn Warm-Up Jacket$0.00
381955 Dick McGuire All-Star Game-Used Jersey (Very Rare)$1,200.00
391957 Harry Gallatin All-Star Game-Used Jersey (Gallatin Letter)$1,000.00
40Early 1960s Bill Russell Game-Used Sneakers (Sam Jones LOA)$2,200.00
41Circa 1960 Bob Petit St. Louis Hawks Game-Used & Autographed Sneakers (JSA)$2,200.00
42Circa 1961-62 Frank Ramsey Boston Celtics Worn Pre-Game Shooting Jacket$2,000.00
43Late 1960's Lew Alcindor UCLA Bruins Game-Used Road Jersey$42,000.00
44Late 1960's Rick Barry Golden State Warriors Game-Used Home Jersey$17,000.00
45Mid 1960's Bill Russell Boston Celtics Game-Used Road Shorts$1,100.00
461965 Bill Russell Boston Celtics Pregame Worn Fleece Shooting Pants$3,137.00
47Mid 1960s NY Knicks Game-Used Home Shorts$220.00
481968 Butch Komives NY Knicks Game-Used Home Jersey (Very Rare)$2,500.00
49Late 1960s Hal Greer Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used Home Jersey$1,771.00
50"Pistol" Pete Maravich LSU Tigers Game-Worn Warm-Up Jacket$20,000.00
51Late 1960's George Lee SF Warriors Cable Car Game-Used Jersey $769.00
52Circa 1969 Cliff Hagan ABA Dallas Chaparrals Game-Used Home Uniform (2)$4,597.00
53Late 1960's Willis Reed NY Knicks Game-Used Road Shorts$2,441.00
54Circa 1970's John Havlicek Boston Celtics Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$22,000.00
55Early 1970's Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Bucks Worn Pre-Game Warm-Up Jacket$700.00
56Curly Neal Harlem Globetrotters Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey$3,245.00
57Late 1970's David Thompson Denver Nuggets Worn & Autographed Warm-Up Jacket & Pants (2) (JSA)$3,000.00
581970's George Gervin San Antonio Spurs Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$17,262.00
59Mid 1970's Pat Riley Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Jersey$3,000.00
60Circa 1973-74 Julius "Dr. J" Erving New York Nets ABA Game-Used Home Jersey$120,789.00
61Circa 1977-78 JoJo White Boston Celtics Game-Used Home Jersey$1,400.00
621978 Bob McAdoo NY Knicks Game-Used Home Jersey$1,800.00
63Early 1980s Alex English Denver Rockets Game-Used Road Jersey$1,500.00
64Circa 1977 Larry Bird Indiana State University Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (JSA) (Photo Match)$8,500.00
65Early 1980's Earvin "Magic" Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Home Jersey$6,000.00
66Late 1980's Magic Johnson Game-Used & Autographed Sneakers (JSA)$1,000.00
671985-86 Danny Ainge Boston Celtics Game-Used Home Jersey$1,000.00
681986-87 Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$5,500.00
691989-90 Charles Barkley Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$7,500.00
701989-90 Charles Oakley New York Knicks Game-Used Home Jersey$600.00
711990-91 Chris Mullin Golden State Warriors Game-Used Home Jersey$1,100.00
72Artis Gilmore & Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls Game-Used & Autographed Sneakers (2) (JSA)$650.00
731992 Larry Bird Game-Used Olympic Sneakers & Socks$750.00
74Original Dream Team Complete Set of Worn Warm-Ups w/ Jordan (Some Autographed) (17) (JSA)$3,500.00
751992 Magic Johnson USA Dream Team Game-Used & Autographed Jersey (JSA)$5,000.00
761992-93 Shaquille O'Neal Game-Used Sneakers (Rookie Season)$750.00
771992-93 Clyde Drexler Portland Trailblazers Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$3,500.00
781993-94 Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$2,200.00
791993-94 John Stockton Utah Jazz Game-Used Road Jersey$1,980.00
801994-95 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks Game-Used Road Jersey (ROOKIE SEASON)$1,000.00
811994 Alonzo Mourning World Championship of Basketball Game Used Blue Mesh Jersey$550.00
821994-95 Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers Game-Used Home Jersey$4,800.00
831994-95 Grant Hill Detroit Pistons Game-Used Rookie Season Road Alternate Jersey & 1996 USA Olympic Game-Used Home Jersey (2)$550.00
841994-95 Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Game-Used Home Jersey$1,650.00
851994-95 David Robinson San Antonio Spurs Game-Used Road Jersey$1,540.00
861995-96 Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls Game-Used Road Jersey (Championship Season)$1,900.00
871995-96 Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Game-Used Road Jersey$1,980.00
881996 Shaquille O'Neal USA Basketball Olympic Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey$3,200.00
891996-97 Kobe Bryant Game-Used Sneakers (Rookie Season)$1,078.00
901996-97 Patrick Ewing New York Knicks Game-Used Home 50th Anniversary Jersey$750.00
911996-97 Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA) (ROOKIE SEASON)$900.00
921999-2000 Vince Carter Toronto Raptors Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$550.00
932000-01 Karl Malone Utah Jazz Game-Used Home Jersey$2,800.00
942001-02 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs Game-Used Home Jersey$733.00
952003-04 Karl Malone Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Road Jersey$400.00
962003-04 Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves Game-Used Home Jersey (Team Letter)$3,000.00
972003-04 Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Alternate Jersey$700.00
982003-04 Kobe Bryant LA Lakers Game-Used & Autographed Road Finals Jersey (JSA)$1,997.00
992004-05 Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Game-Used Road Jersey$550.00
1002004-05 Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets Game-Used Home Jersey$500.00
1012005 Ben Wallace Detroit Pistons Game-Used Road NBA Finals Jersey $3,705.00
1022005-06 Peja Stojakovic Sacramento Kings Game-Used Road Jersey$250.00
1032005-06 Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets Game-Used Road Jersey$450.00
1042005-06 Yao Ming Houston Rockets Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey & Shorts (2) (JSA)$1,100.00
1052005 Shaquille O'Neal Miami Heat Game-Used NBA Finals Road Alternate Jersey (Championship Season)$3,200.00
106Michael Jordan Handwritten And Signed Grade School Poem (JSA)$3,000.00
10712/29/1972 Framed Michael Jordan Coca-Cola Signed Check (JSA)$1,500.00
108VOID - REMOVED$0.00
109Circa 1983 Michael Jordan UNC Game-Used & Autographed Sneakers (JSA)$2,637.00
1101985 Michael Jordan Autographed Leg Cast (JSA)$2,000.00
1111984-85 Michael Jordan Game-Used Rookie Sneakers (Rookie Season)$3,278.00
1121992 Michael Jordan Autographed Game Sheet & Autographed UNC Yearbook (2) (JSA)$590.00
1131989-90 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Home Jersey$7,321.00
1141994-95 Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox Game-Ready Upper Deck Redemption Bat (PSA/DNA) $1,074.00
115Michael Jordan Game-Used Bronze Baseball Glove $2,593.00
1161994 Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox Photo Shoot Worn Home Jersey & Pants (2) (Pristine Provenance)$2,143.00
1171994 Michael Jordan Birmingham Barrons Game-Used Cleats$2,500.00
1181994 Michael Jordan Scottsdale Scorpions Game-Used Cap (Photo Match)$1,700.00
1191994 Reversible "45" Practice Jersey & Shorts Worn & Autographed by Michael Jordan (2)$806.00
1201994-95 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Game-Used Home "45" Jersey$3,661.00
121Framed Michael Jordan UDA "Space Jam" Melanie Taylor Kent Lithograph w/ Jordan Autograph (JSA)$1,074.00
12210/15/1993 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Complete Game-Used & Autographed Uniform (Jersey, Pants, Undershirt, Cleats, & Socks) From Torn Achilles Game (JSA)$0.00
1231972 Miami Dolphins Team Signed Helmet (JSA)$1,123.00
124Super Bowl XXIII Game-Used Football$1,003.00
1251986 Dwight Stephenson Miami Dolphins 1 Year Style Autographed White Jersey (JSA)$1,693.00
1261984 Topps Dan Marino Rookie Football Cards (13)$444.00
127Don Shula Autographed Miami Dolphins Parking Lot Sign (JSA)$0.00
1281981 Lawrence Taylor New York Giants Game-Used & Autographed Blue Mesh First Jersey Ever Worn (ROOKIE SEASON) (JSA) (Pristine Provenance) (Photo Match)$17,000.00
1292003 Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$2,800.00
1301985 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams Game-Used & Autographed White Mesh Jersey (JSA)$1,948.00
1311997 Deion Sanders Dallas Cowboys Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$4,135.00
1321985-86 Julius Erving Philadelphia 76ers Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey & Shorts (2) (JSA)$12,523.00
1331989-90 Larry Bird Boston Celtics Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey & Shorts (2) (JSA)$6,000.00
1341969 Joe DiMaggio Oakland Athletics Autographed Coaches Worn Jersey & 1965-68 Coach Used Bat (2) (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$5,000.00
135Joe DiMaggio Autographed Baseball Shoes & Shoebox (JSA)$0.00
1361989 Starting Lineup Baseball Greats Mickey Mantle & Joe DiMaggio Autographed Figures In Box (JSA)$182.00
1371992 Barry Bonds Pittsburgh Pirates Game-Used Home Jersey$3,700.00
1381980's Nolan Ryan Houston Astros Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$2,775.00
1391992 Ken Griffey, Jr. Seattle Mariners Game-Used Home Jersey$1,870.00
1401982 Bobby Murcer New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey & Pants (2) (JSA)$4,250.00
1412001 Australian Open Andre Agassi Match-Used & Autographed Tennis Racket (JSA)$4,500.00
1425/11/68 Framed Original Wrestling Poster$666.00
1431977 Ramones Rocket to Russia Studio Signed Album w/ Interview CD (JSA)$0.00
1441971 Original War Hole Sticky Fingers Album Signed by Rolling Stones (JSA)$2,420.00
1451980 Bruce Springstein Band Autographed "The River" Album Cover (JSA)$800.00
1461991 Nirvana "Nevermind" Autographed Original Album Flat w/ Copyright & Studio Papers (2) (JSA)$3,500.00
1471966 Framed Original Beatles "Butcher" Cover w/ Original Recall Letter (JSA)$3,000.00
148Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig & Maxie Rosenbloom Autographed Baseball (JSA)$0.00
1491928 NY Yankees Spring Training Team Signed Baseball (JSA)$4,550.00
1501933 Inaugural All-Star Team Signed Baseball w/ Ruth & Gehrig$13,000.00
1511937 NY Yankees Team Signed Baseball (World Champions) (JSA)$2,750.00
1521954 NY Yankees Team Signed Baseball w/ Mantle (JSA)$666.00
1531953 NL All-Star Team Signed Baseball (12 HOF'ers) (JSA)$1,650.00
1541955 Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Baseball (Spring Training) (JSA)$3,333.00
1551976 NY Yankees Team Signed Baseball (JSA)$833.00
1561959 LA Dodgers Team Signed Ball (World Champions) (JSA)$700.00
1571968 NL All-Star Team Autographed Ball (JSA)$569.00
158Tom Henrich, Charlie Keller, Joe Sewell & Frank Crosetti Single-Signed Baseballs (4) (JSA)$555.00
159Gomez, Hubbell, Keller, Gehringer, Woodling Single-Signed Baseballs (5) (JSA)$605.00
160Joe DiMaggio Vintage Single-Signed Harridge Baseball (JSA)$350.00
161Dizzy Dean Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$1,800.00
162Ray Schalk Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$1,800.00
163Babe Ruth Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$6,589.00
1641956 Joe McCarthy Single-Signed Baseball (Graded) (JSA)$620.00
165Satchel Paige Single Signed Baseball (JSA)$2,143.00
166Bill Terry Single-Signed Baseball (Terry TLS) (PSA/DNA Graded) (JSA)$275.00
1671959 Rogers Hornsby Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$880.00
168Lot of Ten Willie Mays Single-Signed Baseballs (Graded GEM MT 10) (JSA)$1,900.00
1691920-24 Ty Cobb Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$1,320.00
170Hank Greenberg Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$2,222.00
171Lot of Two Casey Stengel Single-Signed Baseballs With Boxes (4) (JSA)$750.00
1721953 World Champion NY Yankees Reunion Signed Autographed Baseball (JSA)$466.00
173Roger Maris Single-Signed Baseball (JSA)$4,500.00
1741999 Cal Ripken Orioles LeRoy Neiman Hand Painted Baseball Signed by Nieman (JSA)$5,500.00
175Lou Gehrig ALS Signed Letter (JSA)$5,325.00
176Babe Ruth Double Signed Check (JSA)$3,661.00
1777/27/1915 Boston Red Sox Score Book With Rookie Babe Ruth (Very Scarce)$500.00
1784/12/1919 Wally Pipp AL NY Yankees Contract (JSA)$605.00
1791942 Pride of the Yankees Original Half Sheet Framed Movie Poster$403.00
180Mickey Mantle Autographed Hall of Fame Tin, Sweatshirt & Commemorative Plate (3) (JSA)$403.00
181Lot of Two Casey Stengel Signed Checks (2) (JSA)$600.00
182Mickey Mantle & Casey Stengel Autographed 8x10 Photo (JSA)$843.00
183Lot of 12 Casey Stengel Autographed Cardboard Baseballs (12) (PSA/DNA Graded) (JSA)$750.00
184Mickey Mantle Autographed Gerry Dvorak LE Print (JSA)$450.00
1851955 NY Yankees Framed Autographed Display (JSA)$4,620.00
186Framed Mantle, Berra, Ford, DiMaggio Autographed Old Timers Day Photo (JSA)$1,100.00
1871961 NY Yankees Autographed Framed Display (World Champions) (JSA)$900.00
1881978 NY Yankees World Champion Team Signed Bat (Rare & Mint) (JSA)$5,500.00
189NY Yankees Old Timers Autographed Sheet (JSA)$150.00
1904/12/1918 John Honus Wagner Personal Signed Check (JSA)$750.00
191Framed Autographed Collage w/ Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb & Others (JSA)$3,200.00
1925/1/1964 Pete Rose Personal Signed Check (JSA)$325.00
1931954 Framed Cleveland Indians Team Signed Photo (JSA)$0.00
1941951 Moe Berg Medical History Signed Report (JSA)$400.00
195Lot of Twenty Ralph Kiner GM Minor League Contracts (20) (JSA)$1,000.00
196500 Home Run Club Autographed Framed Poster (JSA)$834.00
197Original Forbes Field Turnstile$700.00
198Jackie Robinson Autographed Hall of Fame Postcard (JSA)$936.00
1991950s Framed Jackie Robinson Autographed Wire Photo (JSA)$1,099.00
200Late 1950s Jackie Robinson Chock Full O'Nuts Signed Plaque (JSA)$715.00
2011913-1957 Original Ebbets Field Slat Back Double Seats$2,593.00
202Framed 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions Team Signed Photo (JSA)$550.00
203Piece of Green Monster Padding from Fenway Park$425.00
204Original Forbes Field Seat Autographed By Kiner & Mazeroski (JSA)$600.00
2051923-1973 Original Yankee Stadium Slat Back Single Seat$950.00
206Original Polo Grounds Figural Seat Autographed by Mays, Branca & Thompson (JSA)$2,928.00
2071954 Pee Wee Reese Brooklyn Dodgers Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey & Pants (2)$12,000.00
2081957 Dick Burwell Chicago Cubs Game-Used Jersey w/ Pants & Undershirt (3) (Photo Match)$850.00
2091962 Elio Chacon New York Mets Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$2,500.00
2101963 Phil Ortega Los Angeles Dodgers Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey$666.00
2111970 Jerry Koosman New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Road Flannel Jersey (JSA)$4,000.00
2121971 Tom Seaver New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Home Flannel Jersey & Pants (2) (JSA)$44,000.00
2131973 Jerry Grote New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$1,573.00
2141972 Ed Kranepool New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$1,531.00
215Circa 1973 Willie Mays New York Mets Batting Practice Worn & Autographed Jersey (JSA)$1,571.00
2161973 Jon Matlack New York Mets Game-Used Home Jersey$891.00
2171974 Cleon Jones New York Mets Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$1,650.00
2181970 Cito Gaston San Diego Padres Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$777.00
2191977 Gary Carter Montreal Expos Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey (JSA)$1,700.00
220VOID - REMOVED$0.00
2211979 Keith Hernandez St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Home Jersey (MVP Season)$1,475.00
2221988 Warren Spahn Atlanta Braves Game-Worn Auto'd Coaches Home Jersey (JSA)$866.00
2231986 Dwight Gooden NY Mets Game-Used Road Jersey (World Champs Year)$1,045.00
2241986 Keith Hernandez New York Mets Game-Used Home Pants$250.00
2251987 Whitey Herzog St. Louis Cardinals Manager's Worn & Autographed World Series Road Jersey (JSA)$932.00
226Circa 1992 Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$714.00
2272003 Ken Griffey, Jr. Cincinnati Reds Game-Used Red Alternate Jersey$1,200.00
2282004 David Wright New York Mets Game-Used Black Alternate Jersey (ROOKIE SEASON)$3,218.00
2292005 Jose Reyes New York Mets Game-Used Home Pinstripe Jersey$777.00
2302005 Jeff Francoeur Atlanta Braves Game-Used Red Alternate Jersey (Rookie Season)$900.00
2312005 Tom Glavine NY Mets Game-Used Home Jersey (Mets-Steiner LOA)$1,200.00
2322006 Dontrelle Willis Florida Marlins Game-Used & Autographed Road Jersey$475.00
2332006 Carlos Beltran NY Mets Game-Used Home Jersey (Mets-Steiner LOA)$1,700.00
2342006 Paul Lo Duca NY Mets Game-Used Home Jersey (Mets-Steiner LOA)$800.00
2352006 Willie Randolph New York Mets Manager's Worn Home Pinstripe Jersey (Team Letter)$650.00
2362006 Carlos Delgado NY Mets Game-Used Home Jersey (Mets-Steiner LOA)$1,300.00
2372006 Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies Game-Used Road Jersey$5,000.00
2381948 Birdie Tebbetts Boston Red Sox Game-Used Home Flannel Jersey $1,111.00
2391968 Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins Game-Used & Auto'd Home Flannel Jersey (JSA)$3,328.00
2401972 Rico Petrocelli Boston Red Sox Game-Used Road Flannel Jersey$1,089.00
2411975 Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics Game-Used Green Knit Jersey$3,063.00
2421978 Rich "Goose" Gossage New York Yankees Player-Worn Bullpen Jakcet (JSA)$2,124.00
2431984 Eddie Murray Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Jersey & Pants (2)$3,100.00
2441986 Reggie Jackson California Angels Game-Used & Autographed ALCS Jersey (JSA)$1,400.00
2451987 Willie Randolph New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Home Pinstripe Jersey (JSA)$1,463.00
2461989 Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics Game-Used Road World Series Jersey$3,234.00
2471989 Don Mattingly New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Home Jersey (JSA)$2,417.00
2481989 Mickey Mantle NY Yankees Road Coaches Jersey$3,796.00
249Early 1990's Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers Game-Used Home Jersey$2,100.00
2501991 Carlton Fisk Chicago White Sox Game-Used Home Jersey$1,950.00
2511993 Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners Game-Used & Autographed Home All-Star Game Jersey (JSA)$2,750.00
2521997 Derek Jeter New York Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Home Pinstripe Jersey (JSA)$9,000.00
2531997 Jorge Posada #22 NY Yankees Game-Used Rookie Jersey (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$1,523.00
2541999 Roger Clemens #12 New York Yankees Game-Used Road Jersey (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$5,896.00
2552003 Nomar Garciaparra Boston Red Sox Game-Used Red Alternate Jersey$777.00
2562004 Curt Schilling Boston Red Sox Game-Used Red Alternate Jersey (Championship Season)$1,074.00
2572005 Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game-Used Road Jersey$649.00
258VOID - REMOVED$0.00
2592003 Bernie Williams NY Yankees Game-Used World Series Home Jersey (JSA) (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$5,239.00
2602001 Hideo Nomo Boston Red Sox Game-Used Road Jersey$2,221.00
2612005 Jose Contreras Chicago White Sox Game-Used Home Jersey (Team Purchased) (World Championship Year)$1,050.00
2622005 Tino Martinez New York Yankees Game-Used Home Pinstripe Katrina Jersey (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$1,200.00
2632005 Mike Mussina New York Yankees Game-Used Home Pinstripe Katrina Jersey (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$1,430.00
2642005 Joe Torre New York Yankees Manager's Worn Home Pinstripe Katrina Jersey (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$2,500.00
2651961 Roger Maris NY Yankees Game-Used Glove, Autographed Baseball & Framed Photo (3) (JSA)$19,800.00
2661952-57 Eddie Mathews Game-Used & Auto'd Bat (Rookie Era) (JSA) (PSA/DNA) (Mears Graded)$2,976.00
2671959 Tony Kubek Game-Used & Autographed All Star Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$1,111.00
2681961-63 Ernie Banks Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$6,500.00
2691958-59 Whitey Ford NY Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Bat (Very Rare) (JSA) (PSA/DNA) $9,079.00
2701961-62 Richie Ashburn Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$2,900.00
2711961 Ken Boyer All-Star Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$750.00
2721961-63 Don Zimmer Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$600.00
2731976 Hank Aaron Game-Used Bicentennial Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,328.00
2741976 Billy Williams Game-Used & Autographed Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$850.00
2752002-03 Greg Maddux Game-Used & Autographed Atlanta Braves Helmet & Bat (2) (JSA)$2,100.00
276Circa 1980 Bobby Murcer NY Yankees Game-Used & Autographed Batting Helmet (JSA)$0.00
277Mid-1980s Dave Winfield NY Yankees Game-Used Batting Helmet $666.00
2781991-95 Kirby Puckett Minnesota Twins Game-Used Bat & Auto'd Cap (2) (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$1,100.00
279October 27, 1986 Ray Knight NY Mets World Series Game #7 Game-Used Home Run Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$8,000.00
2801984-85 Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles Game-Used Bat (PSA/DNA)$3,500.00
2811986-89 George Brett Game-Used & Autographed Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$2,500.00
2821991-97 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners Game-Used & Autographed Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$1,050.00
2832004 David Ortiz Boston Red Sox Game-Used & Autographed World Series Bat (JSA) (PSA/DNA)$4,929.00
2842005 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals Game-Used Bat (MVP Season) (PSA/DNA)$2,250.00
2852006 Hideki Matsui NY Yankees Game-Used Duffle Bag (Yankees-Steiner LOA)$721.00
2861969-73 Dick Butkus Chicago Bears Player Worn Sideline Jacket$3,000.00
287Mid 1960's Donny Anderson Green Bay Packers Game-Used Green Durene Jersey$2,222.00
2881970's Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$8,250.00
2898/20/48 Weldon Edwards College All-Stars Game-Used Pants & Jerseys (2)$1,250.00
290Late 1960's Maxie Baughan Los Angeles Rams Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey$275.00
291Circa 1974-1975 John Riggins NY Jets Game-Used Helmet $3,750.00
292Circa 1977 Drew Pearson Dallas Cowboys Game-Used Home Jersey$8,250.00
293Early 1980's Joe Theismann Washington Redskins Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$4,093.00
294Circa 1996 Herschel Walker Dallas Cowboys Game-Used White Jersey$650.00
2951980's Randy White Dallas Cowboys Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$3,509.00
2961980's Mark Gastineau New York Jets Game-Used & Autographed Green Mesh Jersey (JSA)$2,118.00
2971980's Earl Campbell Houston Oilers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$1,770.00
298Early 1980's Ted Hendricks Oakland Raiders Game-Used Black Mesh Jersey$1,299.00
2991981 Dwight Clark San Francisco 49ers Game-Used & Autographed Helmet (JSA) $2,500.00
3001982 Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers Game-Used Black Durene Jersey $8,053.00
301Early 1990's Ronnie Lott Los Angeles Raiders Game-Used Black Mesh Jersey$1,300.00
3021994 Sterling Sharpe Green Bay Packers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$350.00
303Circa 2000 Carson Palmer USC Game-Used Red Mesh Jersey$1,100.00
3041994 Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills Game-Used & Autographed Blue Mesh Jersey (JSA)$1,074.00
3052002 Jerry Rice Oakland Raiders Game-Used Black Mesh Jersey$1,045.00
3061994 Jerome Bettis Los Angeles Rams Game-Used Turn-Back-The-Clock Yellow Mesh Jersey$3,000.00
3071998 Steve Young San Francisco 49ers Game-Used & Autographed Red Mesh Jersey (JSA)$850.00
3081998 Jerry Rice SF 49ers Game-Used & Auto'd Red Mesh Jersey (JSA)$1,729.00
3091998 Darrell Green NFC Pro Bowl Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$550.00
3102002 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers Game-Used & Autographed Green Mesh Jersey (JSA)$2,860.00
3112004 Teddy Bruschi New England Patriots Game-Used White Mesh Jersey (Championship Season)$3,000.00
3122004 Tom Brady New England Patriots Game-Used White Mesh Jersey (Championship Season)$3,800.00
3132004 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey (Rookie Season)$4,000.00
3142005 Doug Flutie New England Patriots Game-Used Grey Alternate Jersey$800.00
3152005 Carnell "Cadillac" Williams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game-Used White Mesh Jersey (ROOKIE SEASON)$1,450.00
3162005 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Game-Used White Mesh Jersey$3,500.00
3172005 Reggie Bush University of Southern California Trojans Game-Used & Autographed White Mesh Jersey (JSA)$4,126.00
3182005 Corey Dillon New England Patriots Game-Used Blue Mesh Jersey$967.00
319Circa 1985-86 Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers Game-Used & Autographed Blue Mesh Jersey (JSA) (Team Letter)$75,000.00
320Mid 1980's Mark Messier Edmonton Oilers Game-Used Jersey$6,655.00
3211981 Ray Bourque NHL All-Star Game-Used & Autographed White Mesh Jersey (JSA)$2,100.00
322Circa 1971 Joey Johnston California Golden Seal Game-Used Green Durene Tie-Down Jersey$1,902.00
323Ken Morrow, John Tonelli & Glen Healy NY Islanders Game-Used Jerseys (3)$1,210.00
3241990-91 Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens Game-Used White Knit Jersey$2,417.00
3251991-92 Adam Graves New York Rangers Turn Back The Clock Game-Used Blue Knit Jersey (Team Letter)$2,100.00
3261997-98 Pat LaFontaine New York Rangers Game-Used 1000th Point White Mesh Jersey (Team Letter)$1,464.00
3272003-04 Jaromir Jagr New York Rangers Game-Used Liberty Head Jersey $1,209.00
3282004-05 Brian Leetch Boston Bruins Game-Used Black Jersey$1,320.00
3291969 Pele SFC Santos Game-Used Soccer Jersey$5,500.00
330Great Bobby Jones Autographed & Inscribed 8x10 Photo (JSA)$2,318.00
3311947 Babe Didrikson British Ladies Amateur Championship Irons 2-9 (7)$2,750.00
332Scotty Cameron Limited Edition Titleist Putter (Cameron COA) $750.00
333Tiger Woods 3-D Painting (Hung In Mickey Mantle's Restaurant)$1,320.00
334All-Sports Autographed 16x20 Photographs (22) (JSA)$997.00
335Lot of 50 Marcus Allen Signed Checks (50) (JSA)$750.00
336Lot of 250 Mike Ditka Signed Personal Checks (250) (JSA)$1,875.00
3371953 Topps Unopened Christmas Baseball Cards Pack$1,900.00
3386/2/1969 Rocky Marciano Signed TLS Letter (JSA)$1,089.00
3396/19/92 Larry Holmes Fight Worn & Auto'd Shoes vs Holyfield (JSA)$1,100.00
3401974 Muhammad Ali Worn Training Shorts $2,800.00
341Muhammad Ali Single-Signed Baseball (Tough Single) (JSA)$487.00
342Framed 12/8/1973 Muhammad Ali Signed Training Camp Check & SI Sportsman of the Year Magazine (JSA)$700.00
3432/25/1964 Liston vs. Ali Fight Promo Poster (Exceedingly Rare One of a Kind)$1,300.00
3441936 Original Lusse Auto Skooter Bumper Car$3,000.00
345Vintage Salesman's Sample Mini Horse Carriage$550.00
346Circa 1920s Vintage 9-Foot Butler Gas Pump$1,075.00
347Circa 1950s Fire Chief Pedal Car with Boy$600.00
3481965 Ford Mustang Peddle Car$333.00
349Circa Late 1930 Original NY Subway Straphanger Pole w/ 7 Porcelain Handles$584.00
3501930s Lucky Strike "Doctor" Original Advertisement with Green Packs$4,484.00
351Late 1800s Faro Felt-Top Dealer's Table$200.00
352Early 1900s H.P. Schaeffer Baseball, Keno & Poker Game Board (Exceptionally Rare)$4,620.00
3531931 Framed Hand Painted Target Cigarette Advertisement On Canvas$550.00
3541940s Oversized Lucky Strike Cigarettes Cardboard "The Bachelor And The Bobby-Soxer"$1,100.00
355Circa 1940s Original Coca-Cola Tennis Themed Advertisement$400.00
356Circa 1940s Framed Original Coca-Cola Baseball Themed Advertisement$715.00
3571956-1959 Coca-Cola Vendo 44 Soda Machine$2,343.00
358Circa 1930s Original Coca-Cola Football Themed Advertisement$375.00
3591950s Stainless Steel Ice Cream Serving Bar$500.00
3601933 Northwestern Red Porcelain Peanut Vendor$250.00
3611920s Mills F.O.K. Liberty Bell Front Vendor Slot Machine$1,100.00
362Wooden Jiggs Butler Stand Ash Tray$250.00
3631930s Vintage Baseball Game w/ Ping Pong Balls$500.00
3641958 Seeburg Model 161 Jukebox$1,997.00
3651940 Philco Floor Radio w/ Wireless Remote (2)$325.00
3661930s Framed Robbins Bros. Ithaca Circus Poster$0.00
3671964 Midway Top Hit Baseball Arcade Game$800.00
3681960s Circus World 4'x8' Hand Painted Sign$150.00
3691950s Framed Ringling Bros And Barnum & Bailey Clown Oversized Advertising Poster$1,050.00
370Circa 1950s Amusement Park Turnstile (Beautifully Restored)$250.00
371Single Star Brand Shoes Chair & Star Brand Shoes Wooden 3D Ad (2)$605.00
3721940s Coney Island Boardwalk Signs (4)$440.00
3731969 Yale University Rowing Oar$300.00
374Framed Johnny Weissmuller "Cannibal Attack" & Pygmy Island" Original One Sheet Movie Posters (2)$440.00
3751935 Framed "New Adventures Of Tarzan" Original one Sheet Movie Poster w/ First Edition Book (2)$266.00
3761960 Framed "Ocean's Eleven" Original One Sheet Movie Poster$700.00
377Circa 1930s "It's Time To Eat & Relax" Cleveland Clock$800.00
378Incredible Civil War Lot From Union General John Wolcott Phelps$650.00
3791950 Hopalong Cassidy Arvin Radio & Advertising Tin (2)$600.00
3801950s Rene Pierre French Made Foosball Game$250.00
381Ty "Cobb" Movie Prop Prescription Bottle And Hall Of Fame Letter$0.00
3821/14/1966 Walt Disney Personal Signed Check (PSA/DNA Graded) (JSA)$950.00
383U.S. Assay Office 999+ Fine Silver 100 Troy Oz Bar$2,300.00
384Lot of 3 Marlon Brando Signed Contracts (3) (PSA/DNA Graded) (JSA)$1,000.00
3854/6/1921 Harry Houdini Autographed & Inscribed Card (JSA)$650.00
3869/30/1933 Extremely Rare FDR Autographed Presidential Payroll Check (JSA)$7,100.00