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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
1 Jake Ballard Signed NFL Duke Football PASS
2 Ahmad Bradshaw Autographed NFL Duke Football 150
3 Dick Butkus Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
4 Franco Harris Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
5 Lou Holtz Autographed Notre Dame Game Model Football PASS
6 Peyton Manning Autographed SB XLIV Football 250
7 Eli Manning Autographed "10-17-10, 20,000 yrds, vs. Detroit" NFL Duke Football PASS
8 Mario Manningham Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
9 Dan Marino Autographed NFL Football PASS
10 Donovan McNabb & Marvin Graves Dual Signed Syracuse Game Model Football PASS
11 Art Monk Autographed Syracuse Game Model Football PASS
12 Joe Montana Autographed NFL "Duke" Football 200
13 Joe Namath Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
14 Adrian Peterson Autographed NFL Duke Football (MM Auth) PASS
15 Darrelle Revis Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
16 Emmitt Smith Autographed Official NFL "Duke" Football PASS
17 Matt Stafford Autographed "1st Overall Pick" NFL Duke Football PASS
18 Bart Starr Autographed NFL 'Duke' Football PASS
19 Roger Staubach Autographed NFL Duke Football PASS
20 Ndamukong Suh Autographed NFL Football PASS
21 Dallas Cowboys Greats Team Signed Helmet 1300
22 Joe Namath Autographed New York Jets Replica Throwback Helmet PASS
23 Troy Polamalu Autographed Pittsburgh Steelers Full Size Helmet PASS
24 Aaron Rodgers Packers Autographed SB XLV Replica Helmet PASS
25 Alex Rodriguez Autographed Left Ear Flap Yankees Batting Helmet 325
26 Ben Roethlisberger Autographed Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Line Helmet PASS
27 Matt Ryan Autographed Falcons Replica Helmet Signed (Athlon COA/Ryan Holo) PASS
28 Barry Sanders Autographed Lions Full Size TB Rep Helmets PASS
29 Roger Staubach Autographed Cowboys Full Size Helmet PASS
30 Brian Urlacher Autographed Bears Full Size Authentic Helmet PASS
31 DeMarcus Ware Autographed Dallas Cowboys Helmet PASS
32 Jason Witten Cowboys Autographed Authentic Helmet PASS
33 David Wright Autographed Mets Blue Batting Helmet (Right Ear Flap) 175
34 Ahmad Bradshaw Giants Replica Mini Helmet PASS
35 Drew Brees Autographed New Orleans Saints Mini Helmet Autographed PASS
36 Martin Brodeur Autographed New Jersey Devils Replica Mini Goalie Helmet PASS
37 Mario Lemieux Autographed Game Model Koho Hockey Stick PASS
38 Mario Manningham Autographed Giants Mini Helmet PASS
39 1988 Notre Dame National Champs 5 Signature PLACT Mini Helmet LE Of 88 PASS
40 Ray Rice Autographed Baltimore Ravens Replica Mini Helmet PASS
41 Philip Rivers Autographed Chargers Replica Mini Helmet PASS
42 Ben Roethlisberger Autographed Pittsburgh Steelers Replica Mini Helmet PASS
43 Matthew Stafford Autographed Detroit Lions Mini Helmet PASS
44 Bart Starr Autographed 'MVP SB I + II' Green Bay Packers Replica Mini Helmet PASS
45 Hank Aaron Autographed 1974 M&N Home Atlanta Braves Jersey PASS
46 Tony Gwynn Autographed "HOF 07, 3141, .338" White Padres Jersey PASS
47 Ryan Howard Autographed Phillies Home Authentic Jersey (Signed on Front) PASS
48 LeBron James Autographed Miami Heat Authentic Road Black Jersey PASS
49 Derek Jeter Autographed Authentic Yankee Jersey w/ 3000th Hit Logo Patch (Signed on Back) PASS
50 Michael Jordan Autographed White Chicago Bulls Jersey PASS
51 Peyton Manning Autographed White Replica SB XLI Indianapolis Colts Jersey PASS
52 Hideki Matsui Autographed New York Yankees Authentic Road Jersey w/ 100th Anniversary Patch PASS
53 Mariano Rivera Autographed Authentic Yankees Home Jersey (Signed on Back) PASS
54 Derrick Rose Autographed Red Chicago Bulls Swingman Jersey PASS
55 Bill Russell Autographed White Celtics Jersey PASS
56 Nolan Ryan Autographed White & Orange Throwback Astros Jersey - Signed On Back PASS
57 Emmitt Smith Autographed 1994 White M&N Jersey (UDA) PASS
58 Mark Teixeira Autographed Authentic 2009 New York Yankees Jersey PASS
59 David Wright Autographed New York Mets Authentic Home Pinstripe Jersey - Back Number PASS
60 1977- 1978 New York Yankees 17 Signature Authentic Yankees Home Jersey (LE/ 30) PASS
61 Hank Aaron Autographed "755" MLB Baseball PASS
62 Ernie Banks Autographed "Lets Play Two" MLB Baseball 99
63 Yogi Berra / Don Larsen Autographed MLB Baseball with PG Inscription PASS
64 Rod Carew Autographed "3053" MLB Baseball 99
65 Joe DiMaggio Autographed "HOF 55" Baseball PASS
66 Whitey Ford Autographed "HOF 74" MLB Baseball PASS
67 Bob Gibson Autographed "HOF 81" MLB Baseball 99
68 Adrian Gonzalez Autographed "PS 27:1" MLB Baseball PASS
69 Tony Gwynn Autographed "3141" MLB Baseball PASS
70 Roy Halladay Autographed "PG 5-29-10" MLB Baseball PASS
71 Rickey Henderson Autographed "HOF 09" MLB Baseball PASS
72 Derek Jeter Autographed 2011 Game Used Baseball 293
73 Randy Johnson Autographed "4875 K's" MLB Baseball PASS
74 Sandy Koufax Autographed "3x Cy Young" MLB Baseball PASS
75 Jon Lester Autographed "No Hitter 5-19-08"MLB Baseball PASS
76 Mickey Mantle Autographed AL Baseball PASS
77 Pedro Martinez Autographed "3154 K's" MLB Baseball PASS
78 Don Mattingly Autographed "85 AL MVP, Hit Man, Donnie Baseball" MLB Baseball PASS
79 Willie Mays Autographed "Say Hey" MLB Baseball 213
80 Stan Musial Autographed "HOF" MLB Baseball 125
81 Paul O'Neill Autographed "Warrior" MLB baseball 99
82 Albert Pujols Autographed MLB Baseball PASS
83 Cal Ripken Jr Autographed "Iron Man, CG, MVP, ROY" MLB Baseball PASS
84 Pete Rose Autographed "4256" MLB Baseball 109
85 Mike Schmidt Autographed "548 HR" MLB Baseball PASS
86 Tom Seaver Autographed "HOF 92" MLB Baseball PASS
87 Ichiro Suzuki Autographed MLB Baseball PASS
88 Bernie Williams Autographed "4x WSC" MLB Baseball PASS
89 New York Yankees 2009 Team Signed MLB Baseball PASS
90 Carl Yastrzemski Autographed 'TC 67' MLB Baseball PASS
91 Robin Yount Autographed "HOF" MLB Baseball PASS
92 Rudy Ruettiger Autographed 16” x 20” Photo 27
93 July 24, 1988 “Tom Seaver Day” Autographed 11” x 14” Photo 15
95 Keith Hernandez & Gary Carter NY Mets Autographed Photo 140
97 7/26/1948 “The Babe Ruth Story” World Premiere Invitation 50
98 Two Envelopes from A. G. Spalding & Bros. to Yale Varsity Captain and B. C. Meacher (2) PASS
99 Duke Snider Single-Signed Baseball 116
100 Willie McCovey Single-Signed Baseball 85