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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
1Hank Aaron MLB Baseball w/ "3771" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
2Dick Allen MLB Baseball w/ "NL ROY 64" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
3Yogi Berra / Don Larsen MLB Baseball with PG Inscription (MLB Auth)$0.00
4Joe Blanton MLB Baseball$0.00
5Bert Blyleven MLB Baseball w/" HOF" Insc.$0.00
6Wade Boggs MLB Baseball w/ "3010 Hits" (MLB Auth)$0.00
7Jay Bruce MLB Baseball (MLB Auth Only)$0.00
8AJ Burnett MLB Baseball w/ "NH 5-12-01" Insc (MLB Auth)$0.00
9Rod Carew MLB Baseball w/ 3053 Hits Insc.$0.00
10David Cone MLB Baseball w/ "PG 7/18/99" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
11Joe DiMaggio “Yankee Clipper” Photo Baseball (Yankee Clipper Enterprises Holo Only)$0.00
12Whitey Ford MLB Baseball with HOF Inscription (MLB Auth)$0.00
13Bob Gibson MLB Baseball w/ HOF 81 Insc.$0.00
14Goose Gossage MLB Baseball w/ "HOF" Insc. (MLB Auth)$75.00
15Curtis Granderson Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
16Ron Guidry MLB Baseball w/ "Gator" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
17Tony Gwynn MLB Baseball w/ "3141" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
18Rickey Henderson MLB Baseball w/ "Man of Steal" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
19Reggie Jackson MLB Baseball w/ "HOF" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
20Fergie Jenkins MLB Baseball w/ Multi Insc. (LE/12) (MLB Auth)$0.00
21Derek Jeter Autographed 3000th Hit Rawlings "DJ3K" Logo Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
22Derek Jeter Signed 2011 Game Used Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
23Randy Johnson Autographed Baseball w/ Big Unit Insc$0.00
24Chuck Knoblauch MLB Baseball w/ "98, 99, 00 WSC" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
25Sandy Koufax MLB Baseball w/ "3x Cy Young" Insc.$0.00
26Tony Kubek MLB Baseball w/ "3x WS Champ" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
27Barry Larkin Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "HOF 2012" Insc. (MLB Auth)$99.00
28Don Larsen MLB Baseball w/ "PG 10-8-56" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
29Jon Lester MLB Baseball w/" No Hitter" Insc (MLB Auth Only)$0.00
30Greg Maddux Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "3371" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
31Pedro Martinez MLB Baseball w/ "TC 99" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
32Don Mattingly MLB Baseball w/ "Donnie Baseball" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
33Paul Molitor MLB Baseball w/ "HOF" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
34Joe Morgan MLB Baseball w/ "HOF" insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
35Eddie Murray MLB Baseball w/" HOF" Insc (MLB Auth)$0.00
36Stan Musial MLB Baseball w/ "3630 Hits" Insc (Musial Auth)$0.00
37Mike Mussina Yankee Stadium Final Season Commemorative Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
38Paul O'Neill MLB Baseball w/ "Warrior" Insc.$0.00
39Dustin Pedroia MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$99.00
40Perfect Game MLB Baseball Signed By Sandy Koufax, Don Larsen, Mike Witt, Jim Bunning, Tom Browning, Len Barker, David Cone, Randy Johnson, David Wells (OA/Steiner Auth)$0.00
41Andy Pettitte Autographed MLB Baseball$0.00
42Michael Pineda Autographed MLB Baseball (ONYX Auth)$0.00
43David Price MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
44David Price Signed "DJ3K" Logo Baseball w/" I Gave Up DJ's 3K" Insc (MLB Auth)$0.00
45Albert Pujols Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
46Cal Ripken Jr MLB Baseball w/ "2632 CG" Insc (MLB Auth)$175.00
47Mariano Rivera MLB Baseball w/ "602 Saves, 9-19-11" Insc.$0.00
48Frank Robinson MLB Baseball w/ "586 HR" Insc.$0.00
49Brooks Robinson MLB Baseball w/" Human Vacuum Cleaner" Insc (MLB Auth)$0.00
50Alex Rodriguez 2009 WS Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
51Pete Rose MLB Baseball w/ "1973 MVP" Insc.$0.00
52CC Sabathia 2009 WS Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
53Mike Schmidt MLB Baseball w/" 548 HR" Insc (MLB Auth)$0.00
54Tom Seaver Signed MLB Baseball w/ The Franchise Insc$0.00
55Ozzie Smith MLB Baseball w/ "The Wizard" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
56John Smoltz Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "95 Champs" Insc.$0.00
57Ichiro Suzuki MLB Baseball (Ichiro Auth)$0.00
58Mark Teixeira 2009 WS Baseball$0.00
59Joe Torre Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$75.00
60Bobby Valentine MLB Baseball w/ "Red Sox Nation" Insc. (Signed on Panel)$0.00
61Bernie Williams MLB Baseball$0.00
62David Wright Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
63David Wright Signed Shea Stadium Commemorative Baseball (MLB Auth)$0.00
641977- 1978 New York Yankees 18 Signature MLB Baseball$0.00
651977- 1978 New York Yankees 20 Signature MLB Baseball$0.00
66Carl Yastrzemski MLB Baseball w/ "HOF 89" Insc$0.00
67Robin Yount MLB Baseball w/ 3142 Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
68Hank Aaron Game Model Bat (MLB Auth)$0.00
69Ernie Banks Game Model Bat w/ "HOF 77" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
70Nomar Garciaparra Ash Big Stick Bat (MLB Auth Only)$0.00
71Curtis Granderson Big Stick Ash Bat (MLB Auth)$0.00
72Tony Gwynn Big Stick Black Bat w/ "3141" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
73Reggie Jackson Big Stick Ash Bat w/ "HOF" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
74Derek Jeter 3000th Hit Signed Louisville Game Model Bat (MLB Auth)$0.00
75Don Mattingly Game Model Bat w/ "Hit Man" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
76Albert Pujols Marucci Game Model Bat (MLB Auth)$0.00
77Mike Schmidt Signed Big Stick Ash Bat w/ "548 HR" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
78Mark Teixeira Game Model Bat (MLB Auth)$0.00
79Curtis Granderson Game Used Batting Glove Signed Insc. w/ 2011 Stats (Pair) (Grey) (Signed on Outside of Glove)$0.00
80Barry Larkin Autographed Rawlings Miniature Gold Glove Award w/ "HOF 2012" Insc. (MLB Auth)$0.00
81Nolan Ryan Autographed Game Model Glove$0.00
82Hank Aaron 1974 M&N Home Atlanta Braves Jersey (Signed on the Front)$0.00
83AJ Burnett Replica Yankees Pinstripe Jersey (No Patches) (MLB Auth)$0.00
84Derek Jeter 2009 Yankees Authentic Road Jersey w/ Inaugural Year Patch- Signed on Front (MLB Auth)$0.00
85Clayton Kershaw LA Dodgers Replica Home Jersey$0.00
86Don Mattingly NYY Authentic Home Jersey w/" Hit Man" Insc (MLB Auth) (Signed on Back)$0.00
87David Ortiz Red Sox Authentic Home 2007 WS Jersey (SSM / MLB Auth)$0.00
88Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Authentic White Jersey (MLB Auth) (Signed on Back)$0.00
89Cal Ripken Jr. Grey Orioles Jersey (MLB)$0.00
90Mariano Rivera Authentic Yankees Home Jersey (Signed on Back)$0.00
91Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Home Replica Jersey No Number$0.00
92Mark Teixeira Yankees Authentic Home Jersey w/ Inaugural Season Patch (Signed on Front) (MLB Auth)$0.00
93Troy Tulowitzki Authentic White Pinstripe Rockies Jersey (Signed on the Front)$0.00
94David Wright Mets Authentic Gray Road Jersey - Back Number$0.00
95Duke Snider Single-Signed Baseball$19.00
96Willie McCovey Single-Signed Baseball$17.00
97C.C. Sabathia Single Signed Baseball$63.00
98Tug McGraw Single Signed Baseball$15.00
99Whitey Ford Single Signed Baseball$37.00
100David Wright Single Signed Baseball$63.00