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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
2 George Brett Signed MLB Baseball w/ 3154 Hits Insc. (Steiner COA) PASS
3 Wade Boggs Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "HOF 05" Insc. (MLB Auth) & (Steiner COA) 75
4 Martin Brodeur Autographed New Jersey Devils Replica Mini Goalie Helmet (Steiner COA) 75
5 Yogi Berra Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) 100
6 Bryce Harper Signed MLB Baseball (PSA/DNA Auth) PASS
7 Adam Graves Autographed Blue Rangers Replica Jersey (Signed on Back) (Steiner COA) PASS
8 Roy Halladay Signed MLB Baseball w/ PG 5-29-10 Insc. (MLB Holo Only) PASS
9 Dwight Gooden Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "84 ROY" Insc. (Steiner COA) PASS
10 Curtis Granderson Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) PASS
11 Ron Guidry Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "Gator" Insc. (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) PASS
12 Gordie Howe Autographed Northland Game Model Stick w/ "Mr. Hockey" Insc. (Steiner COA) PASS
13 Rickey Henderson Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "HOF 2009" Insc. (MLB Auth) PASS
14 Derek Jeter Autographed "Sportsman of the Year" Sports Illustrated Cover 16x20 Photo (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) 334
15 Randy Johnson Autographed MLB Baseball w/ 4875 K's Insc (Steiner COA) PASS
16 Calvin Johnson Signed NFL Football (DC Sports Auth) PASS
17 Magic Johnson Yellow Lakers Jersey (Signed on Back) (Steiner COA) 213
18 Clayton Kershaw Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) PASS
19 Mario Lemieux Signed Black Current Penguins Replica Jersey (Steiner COA) PASS
20 Mario Manningham Signed Super Bowl XLVI Football (Steiner COA) PASS
21 Dan Marino Miami Autographed At The Line Of Scrimmage Horizontal 16x20 Photo (Signed by Ken Regan) (Steiner COA) PASS
22 Don Mattingly Autographed MLB Baseball w/" Hit Man" Insc (MLB Auth) 100
23 Mark Messier Autographed Blood 8x10 Photo (Steiner COA) PASS
24 Stan Musial Autographed MLB Baseball w/ HOF Insc (Steiner COA) PASS
25 Joe Namath Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA) PASS
26 Hakeem Nicks Autographed NFL "Duke" Football (Steiner COA) PASS
27 Alexander Ovechkin Autographed Washington Capitals Autographed Puck (Ovechkin Holo Only) PASS
28 Zach Parise Autographed Replica Red New Jersey Devils Jersey (Steiner COA) PASS
29 Jason Pierre-Paul Signed Authentic Giants Helmet (Steiner COA) PASS
30 Paul Pierce Autographed Generation Celtics 18X24 Photo (Steiner COA) PASS
31 Troy Polamalu Catching Ball vs. Redskins Autographed Horizontal 16x20 Photo (ReichPM Auth) PASS
32 Darrelle Revis Autographed NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA) 125
33 Ray Rice Autographed Baltimore Ravens Replica Mini Helmet (Steiner COA) PASS
34 Cal Ripken Jr Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "3184" Hits Insc. (MLB Auth) PASS
35 Mariano Rivera Autographed 2008 Pitching Horizontal 8x10 (Steiner COA) PASS
36 Aaron Autographed Rodgers NFL Duke Football (Steiner COA) PASS
37 Alex Rodriguez Left Ear Flap (Autographed) Batting Helmet (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) 275
38 Nolan Ryan Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) 60
39 Rex Ryan Autographed NFL Duke Football w/ "Go Jets" Insc. PASS
40 Tom Seaver Signed MLB Baseball w/ HOF Insc (Steiner COA) PASS
41 Dave Winfield Autographed MLB Baseball w/ HOF Insc (MLB Auth) PASS
42 Mark Teixeira Autographed Big Stick Ash Bat (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) PASS
43 Joe Torre Autographed Cap Tip Vertical 8x10 Photo (MLB Auth) (Steiner COA) PASS