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Lot NumberTitlePrice Realized
1 Reds at Cubs 8-07-2010 Game Used Second Base (MLB Auth) (Cubs-Steiner LOA) PASS
2 Section 83, Seats 1 ->4 12"x20" Purple Sign (MSG) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
3 Exit Red Lettering 8" x 20" (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
4 Section 78, Seats 1->4 7x14 Purple and White Sign (MSG) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
5 Warning Use of Wireless Device 12" x 18" (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
6 Giants Stadium 334 Section Signs- Blue (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
7 Bill Bradley Hall of Fame Acrylic Laminated 11"x16" Photo w/ Years Played and Elected Date Edges cracked. (Floor 5) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
8 Smoke Free Building Sign From Giants Stadium 14" x 10" (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
9 Ramon Martinez #18 2007 Dodgers Game Used Right Handed Batting Helmet (Cracked) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
10 Goggles Worn During 2011 NY Yankees Celebration on American League East Title (MLB Auth) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
11 NY Knicks 1954-55 Team Roster Plaque (8"x8") (Black with Gold Text and Border) (Knicks Locker Room Hallway) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
12 UNC Final Four Floor Engraved 12" x 12" Slab (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
13 Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks 4"x6" Net Plaque (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
14 Chris Drury Game Model Easton Z-Carbon Stick Blade (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
15 New York Yankees 1977 World Champions 12"x15" Plaque From the Old Yankee Stadium Club Level (1923-2008) (Steiner Sports COA) 90
16 NY Rangers 1941-42 Team Roster Plaque (8"x8") (Brown with Gold Text and Border) (Rangers locker room) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
17 Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson Dual Signed MLB Baseball w/ Date Insc. by Wilson (SSM 3rd Party Holo and Cert Card) PASS
18 Andruw Jones Autographed MLB Baseball (MLB Auth) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
19 Clayton Kershaw MLB Autographed Baseball (MLB Auth) (Steiner Sports COA) 60
20 Don Larsen MLB Baseball w/ "PG 10-8-56" Insc. (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
21 Lou Piniella Autographed MLB Baseball w/ "Sweet" Insc. (MLB Auth) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS
22 Don Mattingly MLB Baseball w/ " 85 MVP" Insc (MLB Auth) (Steiner Sports COA) PASS