A Personal Statement of Wishes & Requests


What will happen to your treasured collection of sports memorabilia? An assembly of irreplaceable mementoes and unique collectables you have assembled with love? Will your heirs know how to maximize its value or will they squander thousands of dollars? Historically, the surviving chosen family and friends do not have the same attachment as you have as a passionate hobbyist, nor do they possess the abundance of knowledge or trusted friends you have made. Will these memoirs serve as antiques on a shelf somewhere, or receive their appropriate merit and value?

Should your loved ones retain the entire collection? Leak out portions gradually? Donate for tax purposes? Will they abandon it altogether not realizing its historical connotation and/or its monetary value? People often attempt to clean a prized possession and in doing so, permanently damage as well as devalue the item. With this in mind, it is time to take the proper precautionary measures. Contact Grey Flannel Auctions.

Grey Flannel Auctions is the chosen auction house for the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and have been the official appraisers for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for over two decades. We are here to confide in as well as discuss your best options about the given items and/or collection. If it is just an appraisal you request, we can do that as well.

Already included in many last testaments and wills, Grey Flannel Auctions understands the necessity for professional analysis and assistance. This has become evident with the maturation of our ever evolving industry. Grey Flannel; "The Standard of the Industry", is offering its services through AND WHEN I'M GONE. This statement of intent can notably be positioned at the forefront of your collection.

Please download and fill out the form below and send a copy to Grey Flannel Auctions or contact us for more information. After a lifetime of collecting, you owe it to yourself to take the proper steps necessary to have a plan in place. Let your loved ones bestow their trust in us as you have over the years.

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